Dr. Gary Chen, Founder and Chairman of PhysioSign Inc.  

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Management USA

Acting CEO USA

Responsible for PhysioSign's legal, financial, and sales operations in the US and Europe.  Helped develop PhysioSign's patent portfolio as outside counsel. Founded of Kasha Law LLC in 2006.  Part of the team that mapped the human genome at Celera Genomics.  See the landmark paper, published in Science, which describes the first mapping of the human genome.  Invented an eye test for the detection of glaucoma, using virtual reality glasses.  Wrote two patent applications and received two patents (5,565,949 and 5,737,060) for this invention.  Guided the device through clinical trials and FDA 510K approval.  The invention has been described in a number of publications including the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

Board of Directors

Gary G. Chen, MD
Founder and Board Chairman

Rong Yang, MD
Board Member

R&D Team and Scientists

Gary G. Chen, MD
Chief Scientist

Founded EmCG 2005, Heart Test Laboratories 2007, and PhysioSign (name changed from EmCG 2015).  Inventor of many patents in the area of electrophysiology.  Please see patents here.  Inventor of saahECG, EpCG, stethoscope EKG, new generational Vital Sign Monitor, MyoVista, and many other devices. Has worked in the medical industry since 1997. Team leader and accomplishments:

  • Led breakthroughs in cardiac electrophysiology signal markers on the human body surface.

  • Created the ideologies necessary for new AI, signal processing, mathematical equations, biophysics, hardware and software, improving detection rate, accuracy, precision, and quantitative means of diagnosis. 

  • More importantly discovered many Clinical applications in the field of electrophysiology.

  • Led invasive comparative clinical trials and animal tests producing a database of more than 1 million patient and animal studies.

  • Developed new Cardiac theories which displace previous known errors in the field. 

Eric Jiang, PhD

Extremely talented mathematician; graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai at the age of 20 with a degree in physics.  Acquired mathematics PhD degree from Hamburg University Germany.  PhD in electrical engineering UCLA.  Former lead of R&D team in an American semiconductor production company.  From 2009 till today, key member of PhysioSign's development team.  Contributions include:

  • Special Cardiac Signal Processing and new methods

  • New AI analytical number theory

  • Integro-differential equations and other various disciplines

  • Created many new technologies which are used in a series of our devices

Rong Yang, MD

PhysioSign co-founder. Has worked with PhysioSign (EmCG) since 2005. Over 50 years experience in Medical Field. Clinical Doctor in America since 1986. Interventional surgeon, General surgeon. Current family medicine specialist in California. Contributions include:

  • Clinical research and development.

  • Co-inventor of saahECG. 

David Xing, BME, MS

Worked in Medical industry since 2007.  Has worked with PhysioSign (EmCG) since 2009.  Current R&D team leader.  Contributions include:  

  • Breakthroughs in hardware technology including Cardiac sampling rate, signal processing, special filters, main hardware design, EKG board specialization

  • Embedded chip specialist

  • Integrated chip technologist  

Michael Hong, MSCS

Software Architect, has worked with PhysioSign (EmCG) since 2011. Primary Software Architect and software team leader.

Contributions include:

  • New AI specialist

  • Breakthroughs in software engineering 

  • Specialist in C/C++, Java, Linux, Python, PHP, GO, Swift, Perl

  • MatLab specialist 


Jeff Kuang, MSCS

Worked in Medical industry since 2000.  Has worked with PhysioSign (EmCG) since 2009.

Secondary R&D team leader. Contributions include:

  • New AI specialist

  • Breakthroughs in hardware and software integration

  • Embedded 4-way chip specialist

  • Specialist in C/C++, Java, Linux, Python   

JC Chen, BSCS 

Has worked with PhysioSign 2015. Contributions include:

  • New AI specialist – does not use traditional methods such as deep learning, neural network, or SVM.

  • Assists in finding the blind spots of current day EKG waveform

  • Quantitative vs qualitative data specialist

  • Targeted AI mapping

  • Co-inventor of AI for saahEKG.


 DK Song, MA

Has worked with PhysioSign (EmCG) since 2010. Contributions include:

  • Cardiac electrophysiological Anatomical illustration and interpretation

  • EKG new AI targeted mapping designer

  • User Interface and Application designer