PhysioSign's device addresses the No. 1 Cause of Death - Heart Disease, addresses the No. 1 Healthcare Problem - Cost, and applies the No. 1 Healthcare Technology - AI PhysioSign is looking to raise $25-30 million in the U.S.  Please see our 10 minute pitch deck here.

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Use Of Funds

Regulatory - Create regulatory staff and obtain device approvals in the U.S. and Europe.  As shown above, PhysioSign's AI-EKG-ECG's compatibility with and use of the standard PQRST waveform should make regulatory approval straightforward.

Sales and Marketing - Hire sales and marketing staff and purchase devices for sale in US and Europe. Market and sell clinical devices in the US and Europe.

R&D - Fund continued research and development.



Conventional EKG

See the top five conventional EKG manufacturers here.

AI Post-processing of conventional EKG

ACME FDA 510k Compared to GE and Philips devices.



John Kasha, Acting CEO (USA)

Phone: 703-867-1886, Email: