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Patent O Blog - A popular blog on patent law


freepatentsonline - A great site for free patents in PDF 

WIPO patent search


All Things Pro - BPAI Decisions Blog

Google Scholar


European Patent Office File Wrappers


Japanese Patent Office Search



Federal Circuit Opinions



Google Patent Search - A great site for keyword searches of published patents


I/P Updates - Another good IP blog


Embedding Fonts in a PDF File - A Requirement for Electronic Filing - Information about financial business method patents


Patent Blogs


Against Monopoly 

Antiticpate This!

Chicago IP Litigation Blog 

Duncan Bucknell Company's IP Think Tank

Eastern District of Texas Federal Court Practice

Intellectual Property Expert Group

Inventive Step



IP NewsFlash

IP Spotlight   

I/P Updates


ITC Law Blog

Just a Patent Examiner

Orange Book Blog

Patentably Defined 


Patent Baristas 

Patent Docs 

Patent Fools 

Patently Silly 

Patent Prospector 

PATracer - Patent Infringement Appeals

Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog

Philip Brook's Patent Infringement Updates


PLI Patent Practice Center 

Promote the Progress

Securing Innovation 

Spicy IP 

Steve van Dulken's Patent Blog 

The Fire of Genius 

The Invent Blog

The IP ADR Blog

The IP Factor 

The Patent Librarian's Notebook

The Prior Art

Less Frequently Used Links

U.S. Supreme Court

PatentStorm - Text-based patent search

U.S. Copyright Office - Registration information


Patent Buying Groups

Intellectual Ventures

RPX Rational Patent



File A Provisional Application Yourself

1. Draft Specification and Drawings

2. Fill out Transmittal Form Provisional Application Coversheet

3. Convert Specification, Drawings, and Transmital to PDF

4. File Application Electronically (Select Utility and then Provisional) Cost $150 as of 1/2021 - Electronic Business Center